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Benefits of using our 0% VAT-license


Stop prepaying VAT

0% VAT when importing in Europe

Avoid tax bureaucracy

Avoid tax, safe time and money.

Unique service

You won't find 0% VAT anywhere else.

Save cash flow and interest

Use cash to grow your business.

Fully regulated

Officially licensed by Dutch government.

Cashflow for your customers

Leads to more business for you.

Differentiate yourself

Leave your competitors far behind.

Become TOP member

Benefit from special prices.


Single Point Of Contact.

And much more!

Custom solutions in every situation.



Sales to companies in Europe

Companies that import and sell products/goods in Europe can use our 0% VAT-license

Internal movement of your products/material

We can move your products from a bonded warehouse (NL) to any warehouse in Europe at a 0% VAT rate.

Sales in a VAT(bonded) warehouse in The Netherlands

To get your products and materials in or out of a VAT(bonded) warehouse at 0% VAT-rate, you can use our license.

Sales to companies in The Netherlands

Non-european companies that sell to Dutch companies can use our license, so they benefit from the 0% VAT-rate.


Party B buys from Party A, and sell to party C, while the products go directly from party A to party C. All parties benefit from the 0% VAT-rate. This only works in Europe!

Sales to companies outside Europe (export)

Exporting from Europe against 0% VAT-rate


we work with overseas partners in foreign countries

Madhur Arora – Overseas Manager India & Pakistan

Phone: +91-9810759401

Licensed by Dutch Government

Our service is 100% legal, as it is based on a license we've received from the Dutch government. This license is not one of many, but very unique. We have saved many businesses from paying high VAT/TAX and losing cash flow in the past years.

Exclusive partnership

Our service is very powerful and will change your business forever. The partnership we offer is unique and exclusive to the partners we choose.

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