0% VAT Rate

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NOMOREVAT is a specialized in helping companies that ship products to Europe do so without paying any VAT. This unique formula to pay 0% VAT is possible in all European countries.

As you know, when your company is shipping products from outside the European Community in to the European community, your company has to prepay VAT. Afterwards there is a lot of work at hand to reclaim your VAT. This is a time costly bureaucratic procedure and during this procedure your money is not available for business, or it is a loan on which you need to pay interest.

Wouldn’t it be great, when there is no need to pay your VAT at all?

Then No More Vat is the company for you. When you arrange the shipment of your products from outside Europe to any European country, we are able to facilitate your company to do this at a 0% VAT rate. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Our system is 100% legal within the VAT regulations and approved by all European VAT departments. Your company simply uses our VAT license, when shipping products to Europe.

Our license is accepted and legalized by the government and allows us to help companies like yours to pay 0% VAT.

For example: When you are shipping products from Asia, Africa, Australia or America to Europe, you have to prepay your VAT at a rate 5% or 27%. On average it takes easily months before you are able to reclaim your VAT.

The possibility of a 0% VAT rate we are offering you, can save your company a lot of time and a lot of money!