We have a unique 0% VAT/TAX license, which gives our customers the benefit of not paying VAT/TAX on all goods they ship to Europe! Now you can also benefit from our license, by offering this service to your clients.
Benefits that will help you keep all your competition far behind, and put your company on TOP!:
  • You can offer a unique service to your customers
  • More cash flow for your customers will lead to more business for you
  • Differentiate from the competition by offering cash flow
  • Competitors business will come your way
  • You or your customer don't have to prepay the import VAT anymore


Exclusive partnership

Our service is very powerful and will change your business forever. The partnership we offer is unique and exclusive to the partners we choose. We will work with only a select group of forwarders per country. So once we have found stable partners in your country...we are done!



Licensed by Dutch Government

Our service is 100% legal, as it is based on a license we've received from the Dutch government. This license is not one of many, but very unique. We have saved many businesses from paying high VAT/TAX and losing cash flow in the past years.

Apply To Become Our Exclusive Forwarding Partner!
Since we've met in Dubai our partnership went very smooth.
Our business grew fast and our customers are more than satisfied!
- Mr. Dimitri Kondakov -
European Import Manager