Sales to companies in Europe

Companies that import and sell products/goods in Europe can use our 0% VAT-license

Internal movement of your products/material

We can move your products from a bonded warehouse (NL) to any warehouse in Europe at a 0% VAT rate.

Sales in a VAT(bonded) warehouse in The Netherlands

To get your products and materials in or out of a VAT(bonded) warehouse at 0% VAT-rate, you can use our license.

Sales to companies in The Netherlands

Non-european companies that sell to Dutch companies can use our license, so they benefit from the 0% VAT-rate.


Party B buys from Party A, and sell to party C, while the products go directly from party A to party C. All parties benefit from the 0% VAT-rate. This only works in Europe!

Sales to companies outside Europe (export)

Exporting from Europe against 0% VAT-rate.