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Are you importing or exporting goods to Europe? Than you know the VAT-rates can vary in Europe. In some European countries you pay up to 27% VAT/TAX on import. Sometimes when you pre-pay the import tax it takes weeks or even months to get your money back. And don't forget in some European countries it takes a lot of VAT/TAX bureaucracy.

You can avoid this easily!

Use our 0% VAT license and stop paying VAT from today on!

Save a lot of cash flow and interest from today on!



Our service is 100% legal, as it is based on a license we've received from the Dutch government. This license is not one of many, but very unique. We have saved many businesses from paying high VAT/TAX and losing cash flow in the past years.


Our service is very powerful and will change your business forever. The partnership we offer is unique and exclusive to the partners we choose!