Zero VAT Rate

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0% VAT is charged on export from The Netherlands to other european countries. This also counts for goods and materials that are being sold in a  VAT (bonded) warehouse.

VAT (bonded) warehouse

In The Netherlands we make use of a VAT (bonded) warehouse. Foreign companies can trade goods and materials  in this VAT (bonded) warehouse at a 0% VAT rate. The big advantage is that the companies do not have to be registered in The Netherlands. When foreign companies want to get the goods or materials out of the VAT (bonded) warehouse they need us.

Foreign companies that want to import and sell goods in The Netherlands would be wise to make use of our services, as we can help them to make it run smoothly.

Our service is possible in in the following ways:

We have a 0% VAT-license which can be used by our clients for importing and exporting goods and materials in Europe. By using our license, the foreign companies do not have to pay VAT.

Our 0% VAT-license can only be used for:

  • import of goods and materials that will be exported directly.
  • removal from a VAT (bonded) warehouse
  • buying from another EU-country to sell in a VAT (bonded) warehouse

Bigger companies that not only import and export, but also buy and sell in The Netherlands, can also make use of our services. These companies work with their own VAT-number, and we will act on their behalf.